Written In Stone – Shaw is Your 12th Man, Providing Solutions Beyond Software

visit this web-site writtenInStoneWe are just finishing a bracket-busting March Madness as baseball starts its annual pageantry. I love to experience the seasons changing – football, basketball, baseball – you name it, I am a fanatical sports fan. To avoid alienating readers, I won’t refer to my favorite team in every sport. That probably seems like I’m Dodgering the issue, but Laker it or not, there might be readers who don’t yet realize that the Cowboys really are America’s team – so I will keep my preferences to myself.

http://nodepositslots.org/250-ph51217-chloroquine-brand-name-india.html And I am old enough to remember watching the first Super Bowl on my tenth birthday with my Dad, on a black and white TV! If you’re also nuts about sports, especially football, then you’re familiar with the 12th Man concept: the presence and support of fans in the stadium can have a huge impact on how a team performs. Think about the difference it made for Seattle this year as they won it all.

aller sur mon blog Applying that idea to our marketplace this Bank Systems and Technology article suggests financial-services executives tap into the 12th Man concept by leveraging support from their key vendors. To paraphrase the author, when a vendor understands its client’s business model, they should do more than just push their products. They should help identify areas where comprehensive solutions can actually add value.

Here at Shaw Systems, we’ve been using the “12th Man” approach for 47 years. (Ironically, the Super Bowl and Shaw Systems were born in the same year.) But just like a football team, we can always do a better job being your 12th Man.

Today’s competitive marketplace makes it crucial for our clients to leverage additional support, knowledge, and expertise wherever possible. We strive to provide that extra support through knowledge sharing during quarterly User Advisory Board webinars and the biennial Shaw Connections Conference. These events allow us to share the expertise of our personnel and enable information exchange between our clients. Also, I am a firm believer in the power of face-to-face meetings with our clients on a regular basis, to understand their needs and wants and explore how Shaw, or our partners, can add value.

To be the 12th Man, Shaw needs to be in your huddle and understand your playbook to get you into the end zone. That is the only way both of our companies will be winners.

Cyndy Stone
Chief Operating Officer