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Our vision is to revolutionize and automate the loan servicing workflow of the global financial community.


Better Data Conversions: 4 Easy Steps

By Raleigh deShazo

Whether it’s a merger, acquisition or new software platform, the project work stream which poses the most risk to a successful implementation is data conversion.

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The Benefits of Automated Testing

By Kristina Cortez

Automated software testing is critical for software development organizations. Software development groups test their products yet oftentimes delivered software still has defects.

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shadow accounting image

Shadow Accounting

By Ted Lloyd

Shadow accounting for troubled debt is a relatively new concept that many financial institutions are starting to use because of its transparency to the borrower

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disaster recovery

Disaster Relief Recommendations

By Colin Dougherty

The following outlines a recommended playbook for financial service organizations on how to service customers and account holders that have been affected by a hurricane or other natural disaster.

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