Collection Automation Strategies

By: Michael Moore

The workflow features within Spectrum Servicing facilitate account life-cycle automation.

These items include:

  • Account level views and status information
  • Workflow tasks and forms/work-groups/dashboards
  • Queuing assignments and follow-up
  • Checklists and pop-up alerts
  • Customer and account status information
  • Vendor assignment/document processing

Spectrum manages process flows that are both linear and branching. Processes which include account selection, smart data-entry and follow-up can be automated with user-defined selections.

Common workflow automation areas include:

  • Customer service
  • Dispute processing
  • Extensions/due date change
  • Modifications/charge-off
  • Bankruptcy/placement
  • Repossession/recovery

Other account and customer service tracking areas include:

  • Customer service call transfers
  • Dispute/Complaint tracking and resolution
  • Internal account notes tracking
  • Insurance claim tracking
  • Roadside assistance event tracking
  • Balance owing tracking
  • New customer welcome email, text, letter
  • Marketing email, text, letter
  • Billing issue tracking, consent changes
  • Statement request, Shipment tracking
  • Bankruptcy tracking
  • Cease and Desist Tracking
  • Disclosures sent tracking
  • Fraud tracking, Skip, Repo
  • Over payment, title, compliance
  • Write off, charge off, Work out tracking
  • Legal tracking, extension/deferment Tracking
  • Impound Details, Payment Processing
  • Refund tracking, Balance waiver tracking
  • Fee waiver tracking, Phone call attempts
  • Letters outbound tracking
  • Inbound call tracking
  • Email/text bounced Tracking
  • Active duty military/MLA