Your state-of-the-art debt collection software

Shaw Systems’ full-featured product accommodates every phase of an account’s life cycle for welcome calls/letters, customer service, dispute tracking, debt collection, and recovery. Shaw can manage multiple account types including associated insurance, voluntary protection products, collateral, and related borrowers.

Our clients are able to provide the highest level of customer service, track disputes, and manage the entire distressed debt life cycle. Our solution enables the targeting of dollars at risk and identifies trends all while maintaining the customer relationship.

Servicing managers choose Shaw’s Spectrum platform to create and deploy collections strategies tailored to their unique portfolio.

Shaw’s configurable queuing and workflow framework allows our clients to use customer behavior information to automate much of the work required. Does a borrower prefer to communicate digitally? Are they more likely to answer SMS messages? Are they a late, but reliable borrower? Our clients easily track all the borrower experience information, allowing them to collect outstanding dollars more efficiently.

Complex multi-day processes, such as bankruptcy and repossession, can be streamlined with the click of a button. Automate the movement of specialty cases throughout your debt collection workflow so the appropriate oversight and management is given to the portfolio.

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Deploy Configurable Collections Strategies

Debt Collection strategies easily configured for your specific borrower profile

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Document Management

Automated customer communication correspondence tools

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Payment Integration Tools

Provide customers with a convenient consistent experience across multiple channels

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Dialer Integration

Daily text and dialer campaigns boost outreach efforts

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Promise Tracking and Reporting

Automated administration and tracking of PTP results

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Payment Processing

Comprehensive scheduled and on-demand payment tools