Accounting & Contract Management

Your state-of-the-art loan servicing software solution

Shaw Systems’ Spectrum loan servicing software is the accounting system of record for some of the most sophisticated lenders in North America. Spectrum’s real-time accounting capabilities allow payments to be posted immediately, giving our customers up-to-date loan information when presenting information to their borrowers or reporting on the portfolio.

Shaw’s flexibility in configurable lending products allows our clients to easily deploy and manage a wide variety of consumer lending products including simple interest loans, precomputed loans, and lines of credit. Clients have 360 degrees of visibility into every accounting and behavioral aspect of their portfolio. Preconfigured queues allow clients to take the correct action to service their borrowers, from due date changes to complete loan rewrites.

The core of Shaw’s accounting software is our Spectrum loan and line of credit servicing system. Many of the largest and most sophisticated bank and finance companies in North America leverage our software to improve their business. Our clients choose Shaw for their loan servicing software requirements because of our depth in functionality and flexibility in technology.

Previously, when portfolios grew, it was necessary to add more people to deal with that expansion. Now, Shaw allows clients to automate many daily processes using cutting-edge tools such as API driven integrations, smart queuing, and configurable industry standard workflows. The people who handle processes that require CSR and management oversight will automatically receive all the relevant information they need. The automatic process helps cut down on time to investigate a request or question, reduces potential error, and improves the customer experience.

Every aspect of the loan life cycle is thought through and accounted for, from simply helping a borrower with a due date change request, to properly reporting on the most sophisticated securitization structures. Shaw gives our clients complete oversight and control over their entire portfolio.

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Real-Time Accounting

Apply payments and treat accounts in real-time

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Risk & Compliance Automation

Allow configuration to guide the loan life cycle path to keep your organization compliant

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Manage, track, and report on sophisticated securitization structures

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Customer Service

Route, queue, and manage customer disputes and support

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Fee Management

Configure and deploy new fee structures to your lending products

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Payment Processing

Comprehensive scheduled and on-demand payment tools