Full financial accounting post charge-off management software

Shaw provides automation and sophisticated features for focusing on vital needs that occur in the later periods of receivables management. Growing delinquencies are driving organizations to restructure their strategies. Our solution will maximize your recoveries by targeting risk, improving process flows, and effectively managing agency relationships.

Shaw incorporates full financial accounting post charge-off including payments, fees/expenses, and commissions. Shadow accounting is available to retain the current contract with the customer as well as the book balance. Workflow automation provides more power to create and modify decision strategies and direct internal resources.

Sophisticated banks, finance, and fintech companies turn to Shaw Systems Recovery software to streamline, track, and manage their entire late-stage collections and recovery processes.

Limitations on charge-off accounting leave many companies without enough options to maximize potential dollars collected in this stage of the loan life cycle. Shaw allows Recovery clients to utilize the full suite of shadow accounting automatically applying a single payment to multiple accounts. Shadow accounting gives the lender and the borrower a view of the account that is appropriate for each.

Unlimited queues, workflows, and user defined fields make the dynamic tracking of accounts and money between the lender and their agency partners easy to manage, track, and report.

If you need to take control of your late-stage collections and post-charge-off processes, please submit a request for information and learn why Shaw has been a leader in this space for decades.

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Optimize customer interactions while driving role-based business decisions

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Automated charge-off decisions and borrower-facing payment hierarchy rules

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Shadow Accounting

Retain the original contract iterations post charge-off and throughout court decisions simultaneously

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Collection Agency Management

Manage and monitor agency performance with bidirectional communication

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Behavior Analytics

Build your own treatment strategies and leverage third-party scores to determine the best next action

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Sophisticated Reporting Workbench

Manage your environment, internal resources, and channel partners