Auto Finance Industry – Dare to compare!

Auto Finance Industry – Dare to compare!

my blog Our friends at Billing Tree are conducting an Auto Finance Industry survey. Qualified participants will get a $10 Amazon e-gift card. Loan Suppliers & Providers – Prime, Subprime or Non-prime:

  • Does your portfolio and volume measure up?
  • Wondering how your technology and payment offerings stack up against the competition?
  • Curious what others are planning for and concerned about for the future?
  • What form of payments are others accepting that you aren’t?
  • When and how are your peers communicating with borrowers?
  • Want to get a better understanding of the industry standard services offered?
  • Then take a few minutes to complete the 2014 Auto Finance Industry Survey AND FIND OUT.

combien de fois nadal a rencontre wawrinka The results will be made available by BillingTree as a courtesy to those taking the survey and to the industry.

This survey is designed to gather information related to the payment collection operations of companies providing financing for the purchase or lease of automobiles. The intent is to establish an industry-wide benchmark that will allow auto finance organizations to compare and contrast themselves with their peers, and to assess year-over-year trends within their industry.

In appreciation of your time, we are pleased to offer a $10 Amazon e-gift card to all qualified auto finance survey participants who complete the survey.