Our vision is to revolutionize and automate the loan servicing workflow of the global financial community.

What Differentiates Shaw Systems from Our Competitors

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Shaw is the leader in loan servicing software for banks, credit unions, auto finance, and fintech. With over five decades of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the loan financing industry. We offer a state-of-the-art loan management system and unmatched expertise. In addition, we also differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the following ways:

In-Depth Loan Servicing Software

We have built several generations of loan servicing software. Our primary focus has always been and will continue to be developing the best loan servicing software in the industry. Our software manages every aspect of the digital borrower's servicing life cycle. We know the ins and outs of that life cycle and our software covers everything a lender needs to manage digital borrowers' accounts. No matter how specialized your lending practice is, Shaw will demonstrate experience in the nuances of servicing your borrowers.

We Support a Variety of Consumer Loan Servicing Software Products

Shaw supports a variety of lending products in Spectrum. Our clients are able to build, test, and deploy new financial instruments to meet the shifting demands of the digital borrower. Our products have integrated features to automate processes and navigate the dynamic credit landscape. We support loans, lines of credit, direct/indirect, floor plan, commitments, securitization, and insurance products.

Spectrum Xpress – Our Out-of-the-Box Solution

Shaw’s newest offering for loan servicing software is an out-of-the-box hosted solution that allows businesses to start managing loans right away. We have decades of experience helping our clients build rules-based processes to service portfolios of all types. We have taken that extensive experience and developed a pre-configured system specifically for the finance industry.

Our configuration uses the best practices from across several industries. Spectrum Xpress streamlines workflows, queues, and activities. Once standard configuration is deployed, clients retain the flexibility and autonomy to add, remove, copy, and change configuration to meet their business requirements. Additional interfaces can also be added before or after go-live. With a much shorter implementation cycle clients can start managing loans much faster. In fact, a business can be up and running live in just 90 days!

Outstanding Customer Service and Support

Shaw provides outstanding customer service and support on all fronts. Our Client Support team works to develop superior customer service with our clients. The Shaw Client Support Desk is the first point of contact for our clients who need assistance. A dedicated, assigned Client Support Representative ensures a quick response and resolution to any issues that may arise.

Strategic Account Managers are available to our clients to assist with training needs, relationship inquiries, and overall account management. This role allows Shaw to add another level to our superior customer service. It gives our clients peace of mind that their business is in the best hands.

Easily Accessible Data

We differentiate ourselves by making our data easily accessible in real-time. With Shaw, your data is in-fact your data, even when in Shaw’s private cloud. We can also provide access to a replicated database. This ensures that our clients can move data into a warehouse for their own utilization. Clients can create reports, monitor activity and trends, and access risk all in real-time. Easily accessible data allows clients to make the most of the information they have.

We Offer Dedicated Development Teams

Shaw offers dedicated software development teams for client–driven enhancements and special initiatives. A dedicated development team is a partnership model used in software development for remote collaboration with a client. It allows our clients to have the speed and flexibility found in custom application development with the oversight, expertise, and ongoing maintenance found in commercial, off-the-shelf software. Our dedicated team model provides a hand-selected professional team that focuses on realizing our client's specific development needs.

Some clients have a vision for a series of loan servicing software system enhancements to deploy entirely new lending products and servicing strategies into the marketplace. Dedicated development teams learn what the client is trying to achieve with a series of enhancements. This level of familiarity with the business objectives makes dedicated teams an extension of the clients' IT (Information Technology), development and business teams.

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