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Shaw’s Cloud Deployment Loan Servicing Software

Cloud computing

Shaw offers a cloud services hosted solution, also known as software as a service (SaaS), for our loan servicing software. Shaw’s cloud deployment option meets all our clients’ needs. Our cloud deployment ensures that clients get monitoring, security, speed, reliability, and scalability.

Cloud Services Software as a Service (Saas) Solution

Shaw’s cloud services solution is a “software as a service” solution that is stored securely in multiple places and is accessed through the internet. We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure to provide information systems that are always secure and protected. Azure has the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider. Shaw’s cloud environments are SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

With Shaw’s single-tenant model, each Shaw cloud client’s environment has a dedicated:

  • Azure Resource Group
  • VLan/vNet/NSG
  • Network Security Group (Firewall)
  • Azure Servers (Application, DB)
  • User Security Directory (AD)
  • Azure Servers
  • Application Server
  • Data Base Server
  • SFTP, VPN, TLS, HTTPS, Load Balancer
  • Disaster Recovery

  • Enterprise Command Center

    At the center of Shaw’s cloud services offering is our Enterprise Command Center. The primary objective of this team is to monitor and secure the operations and security of Shaw’s hosted clients. Members of the Enterprise Command Center include experts on the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Shaw Spectrum, third-party monitoring tools, disaster recovery, loan servicing industry integration partners, and cyber security.

    Shaw’s team is knowledgeable in each client’s environment. Our team delivers valuable results, including a 25% reduction in end-of-day processing for some as well as a consistent reduction in overnight incidents for all clients. Our Enterprise Command Center monitors the performance of each critical path and considers any client-specific future initiatives.

    Security Operations Center

    A key part of the Enterprise Command Center is the Security Operations Center. The Security Operations Center exists solely to provide cyber threat visibility and monitoring. It is within this group that Shaw provides network intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, log collection and monitoring, and 24x7 incident generation and triage. The Security Operations Center partners with Arctic Wolf to provide state-of-the-art cyber monitoring and security.

    Shaw clients can rest assured that between our Enterprise Command Center and Security Operations Center their data is safe and secure in the cloud.

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