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Shaw Converted Legacy Accounts To Spectrum For US Auto Sales

CLIENT: US Auto Sales

US Auto Sales is an automotive group providing pre-owned vehicle sales and automotive financing to customers in communities throughout the USA since 1992. Drivers can find U.S. Auto Sales dealership locations in local cities throughout the great states of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and more.

NEED: Converting Legacy Accounts to Spectrum and Making Security Updates

US Auto Sales needed to convert legacy accounts to our latest Spectrum software. This conversion was critical to US Auto Sales in order to keep pace with security updates to the software and to take advantage of the benefits of current operating systems.

SOLUTION: Shaw’s Team Moved Accounts To Spectrum and Made Security Configurations

Shaw’s team converted accounts into Spectrum. Our knowledge and recommendations played a big part in what was one of the smoothest conversions the client has experienced. We successfully loaded security configurations into Spectrum that gave the client control on coordinating the roll-out of security with minimal support from Shaw. There was only one security working session post-load, which was effective enough that they began to make their own security configuration changes and demonstrate Spectrum’s capability to their internal operations. This was all met with positive feedback.

Additional accounts were tested/converted with a quick turn-around, as well as an ad-hoc request for converting additional accounts identified after the conversion was confirmed and validated. We accommodated the client the same day.

Training was provided on security configuration with the overall intent of providing enough information on how security configuration is structured and how to make changes, as well as the implication of those changes that should be considered in order to promote client self-sustainability.

RESULT: Success!

US Auto Sales sent a note of gratitude and reported that the conversion of legacy accounts and security went smoothly and was well received by the organization. The Shaw team was instrumental in helping move the items across the finish line, especially security.

As a team, we have accomplished moving our client onto Spectrum effectively while also making them self- sufficient with multiple aspects of the application. We did all of this on a relatively short timeline with a record turnaround.