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Looking Back: Shaw 2022 Highlights

2022 Highlights

Shaw Systems continues to be a trusted leader in loan servicing software. We offer a total loan servicing software solution and provide the best quality in the industry. We help our clients manage loan accounts for their borrowers, while also giving them the automation that they need to lower their costs. In 2022, Shaw remained focused on producing the highest quality software code available in the loan servicing marketplace. This focus was seen and appreciated by Shaw’s valued clients.

Some of our top highlights from 2022 include the following:

Company Growth – Employees: We experienced significant company growth and added many new associates to help us reach our goals. We have a growing team of creators, collaborators, and strategists who are making an impact and shaping Shaw's story as the loan management software leader.

Dedicated Development Teams: Shaw launched dedicated software development teams for client–driven enhancements and special initiatives. A dedicated development team is a partnership model used in software development for remote collaboration with a client. It allows our clients to have the speed and flexibility found in custom application development with the oversight, expertise, and ongoing maintenance found in commercial, off-the-shelf software.

We provided dedicated development teams for several of our clients this year. We are thrilled with the success and growing interest in this offering.

Spectrum Xpress: We saw continued interest and growth in our Spectrum Xpress product, our out-of-the-box, hosted solution that is pre-configured, cost-effective, and quickly deployed. Spectrum Xpress fulfills a need that the market has been missing for quite some time. Spectrum Xpress is the culmination of decades of experience assisting our clients with configuring their systems to service tens of millions of consumer loans and represents several thousand hours of industry best practice configuration out-of-the-box.

New Clients: We’re happy to share that we welcomed several new clients at Shaw Systems. Our newest clients needed the power and flexibility that Shaw’s software provides to manage their growing auto finance portfolios. They chose Shaw because they wanted the best leading-edge technology that will help them scale as their business continues to grow.

Payment Integrations: ACI and PayNearMe fully integrated their payment platforms with Shaw Systems. Our partnership with these two payment vendors enables us to accept payments using modern and reliable platforms while also allowing customers to pay how, when, and where they want. These integrations ensure that payments can be easily made and accepted through Shaw’s Spectrum loan account management system.

NRT DB Replication: The formation of standard offerings to real-time production data for our clients was an enormous lift in 2022. In Shaw’s cloud, we are able to provide several options for real-time production data replication, giving our clients direct access to this important data. In our cloud, clients can be sure the replication is working properly, and in a secure manner. Our client's data teams no longer need to pull data from several sources, all the data in Spectrum can be made available with Shaw’s NRT DB Replication.

Cloud Growth: We saw extensive growth in our cloud services solution this year, with 100% of new sales to Shaw’s cloud, as well as the migration of licensed clients running our applications locally into Shaw’s managed cloud. Clients utilizing our cloud services solution can rest assured that their information is safe and secure. We provide an Enterprise Command Center and Security Operations Center that work to monitor and secure the operations and security of Shaw’s hosted clients. Shaw partners with Arctic Wolf to provide state-of-the-art cyber monitoring and security.

Customer Care: Focusing on the customer experience, Shaw set out to build the most comprehensive customer care experience in the loan servicing software industry. We’re confident we’ve done that in Spectrum with the advancement of our customer care center. Spectrum clients have one-click access to all the important loan servicing functions necessary. Giving agents the ability to apply deferments, extensions, loan re-write, and settlements all in one place allows agents and supervisors the total oversight of everything that’s going on with the customers’ borrowing experience. As the customer care center continues its growth into 2023, Shaw has big plans for keeping the borrower experience as the first consideration for every architecture decision made as we move forward.

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