Our vision is to revolutionize and automate the loan servicing workflow of the global financial community.

How Shaw Provides Value to Our Clients


Shaw provides highly valuable software, excellent customer service, and dedicated development teams for our clients.

Spectrum Loan Servicing Software Solution

Shaw offers Spectrum Xpress, an out-of-the-box software option that is a pre-configured, cost-effective, and quickly deployed environment. We also offer highly configurable loan software to fit any client’s needs. Our high-quality software scales with our client’s business. It provides real-time information, a user-friendly interface, and the latest technology in the industry.

Shaw hosts our Spectrum application in our Azure cloud on behalf of our clients. Our single-tenant environments provide our lending clients with the privacy, control, and performance they need and expect. These environments give our clients the convenience of cloud computing while allowing for custom enhancements directly to our clients.

Dedicated Development Teams

Shaw offers dedicated software development teams for client-driven enhancements and special initiatives. A dedicated development team is a partnership model used in software development for remote collaboration with a client. It allows our clients to have the speed and flexibility found in custom application development, while enjoying the benefits of off-the-shelf applications. In this arrangement, Shaw remains responsible for the ongoing maintenance and consideration of new development. Dedicated development teams, while answering directly to the client they service, are bound by the development methodology of our core Spectrum development teams. Our dedicated team model provides a professional team that focuses on realizing our client's specific development needs.

Consulting Services

Shaw Resource Solutions leverages our extensive experience in commercial and consumer loan operations, collections and recovery, and auto finance. Our flexible delivery models help create new strategic opportunities. Our subject matter expertise improves client’s operational efficiencies and delivers an improved customer experience. The different consulting services we offer are:

  • Implementations and Upgrades
  • Integrations Design and Development
  • Management Reporting Design and Development
  • Operational Best Practices Assessments
  • Staff Augmentation – Operational and Special Projects Support
  • User and Technical Training
  • Workflow Design, Development, and Automation

  • Client Support

    Shaw maintains a fully staffed and trained client support desk team. Our client support desk helps clients with any range of topics including trouble shooting, training, and new configuration. Each client is supported by a Strategic Account Manager who helps lenders act more efficiently with our client support desk team. Our experience shows us that a well-supported client is more likely to fully utilize the applications in a manner that provides the maximize the value to their business.

    We Offer Quarterly Business Reviews

    We support our clients and show them what we’re doing well, what our challenges are, and what we’re doing about those challenges. Shaw provides value through our quarterly executive business reviews. Quarterly business reviews are an optional add-on that clients can have with us. These reviews give a significant level of transparency and detail to our clients on an ongoing basis.

    Partner Integrations

    While we consider our applications the core of our clients' lending business, we recognize there are a host of other, very important services our clients procure to support their business. Given Spectrum represents Shaw’s 3rd generation of software, it’s no surprise our API-driven architecture allows for ease of integration into our partners critical services.

    We have integrated with several partners to provide everything our clients need to do their jobs well. We partner with the best vendors in the business to provide our clients with value-added financial software products. Our Alliance Partners specialize in enhancing business through innovative practices and technology. Some examples of the types of partners we have are payment, bankruptcy, and texting solutions.

    Commitment to Quality, Communication, and Customer Service

    Shaw aims to provide the most value possible to our clients. We are committed to quality, communication, and customer service. We strive to ensure our clients have high-quality software, are well-informed, and are supported to the highest possible standards.

    Maintaining a high level of quality allows for an ease of consumption of new features and functions as our applications continue to evolve and grow. World class quality is paramount to earning the type of trust and reliability our clients expect from their loan servicing software partner.

    If you'd like to learn more about our loan servicing software, or how we can help you, contact us at