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Shaw Systems Is Taking Proactive Measures During COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to impact industries and countries around the world. The banking and financial industries are no exception. Lenders will have to adjust their business practices to better serve their customers. Shaw Systems is taking a proactive approach to help our clients make these changes. We’re constantly thinking about our clients and how to better help them. We are calling clients to make sure they can make any and all changes they feel they need to make to service their borrowers during this time. Our loan servicing and collections software can handle any account & loan modifications our banking and finance companies will need to service their borrowers. We’re working with each of our clients to ensure they’re using system best practices for commonly needed modifications.

Our cutting-edge loan servicing software will help both our clients and their customers navigate this new COVID-19 landscape. For more information on how to utilize these options in our software please contact us at