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Shaw Spectrum Pilots

spectrum pilot

Spectrum users can create helpful pilots within the software.

What is a Spectrum Pilot?

A Pilot in Spectrum is a pop-up notification. It’s a useful alert specific to the current task. Spectrum administrators can create Pilots based on nearly anything in the system and determine which roles will see them. For example, your most experienced users may not require as many reminders as newer employees.

How Spectrum Pilots Are Used

Shaw clients utilize Pilots to help alert users of special statuses and tasks they might not typically see. They can also take advantage of Pilots for training purposes. Some examples of different ways Spectrum Pilots can be used include:

  • Special situation alerts: A good example of a special situation is a natural disaster alert. A Pilot could be configured to notify a user that an account in a particular zip code range has been impacted by a natural disaster. The same Pilot could help the user know of any special operations the lending institution has put into effect for the disaster. For example, the Pilot could instruct the user to tell the borrower that their next expected payment has been pushed out 90 days because the lender is aware of the natural disaster.
  • Help with regulatory issues: If a user is scanning a queue and comes across an account that has already met the usury laws of a particular state, a Pilot could alert the user that this account has already been contacted this week. This keeps that user and the lender within the regulations for contact frequency.
  • Alert user to a special status: If, for example, an account is rightfully in a queue designed primarily for address verification but also has a bankruptcy status, a Pilot could be configured to alert the user that this account is unlike the others. The user could be made aware of any special treatment needed for this account because of its unique status.
  • Real-time information shared with the user: For example, if the borrower has a pending payment clearing tomorrow, the user can know in real time that the payment is pending. Access to real-time information is important for both borrowers and lenders.
  • Can notify users behind the scenes: Spectrum can automatically tell a user which queues an account is in. For example, an account can be in an early-stage delinquency queue and in a manager's queue to handle a borrower's complaint. The Pilot can make the user working the early-stage delinquency queue aware that this account is pending a manager’s correspondence. This can ensure a user on the phone is aware that a manager is going to call them, helping streamline lenders’ communication.

  • Controlling and Changing Spectrum Pilots

    Spectrum administrators are in complete control of Spectrum Pilots. They can be configured from scratch using any of the thousands of pieces of data on the borrower or account. Such flexibility and control allow administrators to use them for various purposes. For example, Pilots can be set up in a Spectrum training environment to help onboard new employees.

    Spectrum users utilize TEST environments to build and test new Pilots to help with business needs or regulatory requirements.

    Pilots are one of many tools within Spectrum that can make operations more efficient and help train users to meet the lenders' goals.

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