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Tip of the Week: Listen to your Core System

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Listen to your Core System

The main goal of enterprise messaging is to facilitate communication and data exchange between various systems and applications within the enterprise.

Listening to your core system means that the enterprise messaging system should be integrated with the main business processes and systems within the organization. This enables the messaging system to listen to the events and data generated by the core system and act upon them in near real-time. This helps to ensure that the messaging system is aligned with the needs of the business and provides value in terms of improved efficiency, agility, and automation.

For Spectrum, enterprise messaging is implemented using RabbitMQ messages. Spectrum will send a message on pre-configured transactions, and the customer will receive that message to fulfill an automated process in their environment. An example: Spectrum will send a message to RabbitMQ when the Update Address Transaction is processed. The customer will receive that message from RabbitMQ to send an email to the borrower stating that the address was changed.

Overall, enterprise messaging is a crucial component of modern IT infrastructure and plays an important role in enabling organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals. By listening to the core system, enterprise messaging can help organizations to automate key business processes, improve communication and collaboration, and drive innovation.

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