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Shaw Tip of the Week: Maximize Customer Care

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We are very excited about our upcoming Shaw Systems Conference and all the content we are planning to share with you. We want to give you a glimpse into some of the topics we have planned. We will share a tip every week leading up to the conference to give you a sneak peek at what you will learn.

Customer care in Spectrum continues to expand. The Customer Care Center (CCC) in Spectrum is meant to be a central piece of account servicing and collections strategy for our Spectrum Clients. Inside CCC, Spectrum users can see customer and account details as well as the complete state of payments for the borrower.

Users can take direct real-time payments over the phone, as well as direct payments allocated to the borrower's specific requirements. Single or multiple promises can be scheduled that respect the configurable rules of the lender. Multiple payments can be made, set up, and tied to promises at a negotiated frequency in the CCC as well.

The schedule options tab offers more robust payment details that give users the insight needed to schedule deferments, due date changes, and extensions for the borrower. These actions launch Spectrum Wizards, which automatically takes the users through the configured steps to execute customer maintenance requests.

At the upcoming conference, we will discuss how our most sophisticated lenders are utilizing CCC, the coming roadmap, and how we extend these functions directly to the customer.

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