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Shaw Tip of the Month: Add Value by Using a Shaw Dedicated Development Team

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Shaw offers dedicated software development teams for client–driven enhancements and special initiatives. A dedicated development team is a partnership model used in software development for remote collaboration with a client. It allows our clients to have the speed and flexibility found in custom application development with the oversight, expertise, and ongoing maintenance found in commercial, off-the-shelf software. Our dedicated team model provides a hand-selected professional team that focuses on realizing our client's specific development needs.

Dedicated development teams add a vast amount of value to our clients because our team can execute client enhancement needs quickly. Organizations taking on the responsibility of executing enhancements all by themselves proves difficult and costly over time. Organizations who take it upon themselves to extract data from Spectrum to create additional functionality understand that those enhancements create limitations to innovation in future Spectrum releases. The solution is to have a dedicated team of Shaw developers, engineers, product owners, and project managers who work directly for the client to complete the enhancements instead.

The team is still part of the greater Shaw development but answers only to the client. The dedicated development team must continue working within the framework of Shaw development methodology, ensuring their customer-driven enhancements meet all the Spectrum architectural, design, and security standards. This arrangement allows clients to direct the pace and aim of a development team, while Shaw assumes all the long-term responsibility of ensuring the enhancements are accounted for as Spectrum continues to grow and develop.

Existing Shaw Systems clients can explore the potential of a dedicated development team by speaking with their Strategic Account Manager or Account Executive. Our resources will help you understand if a team might be right for you and talk through how they are constructed and what an engagement might look like.

New clients converting to Spectrum can also consider a dedicated development team as part of your installation or as a fast follower to your go-live. Please speak with your project manager or executive sponsor to explore the advantages of assigning a team of our development experts to accelerate your enhancement request.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our dedicated development teams, you can contact us at or 713.782.7730 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!