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Leverage Shaw SMEs to Improve Your Spectrum and Operational Performance

One of the biggest challenges clients face over time is maximizing the full capabilities of their software applications. Focus on day-to-day operational tasks, lack of attention to their software’s functional and technical improvements, and the infusion of manual and one-off processes lead to operational inefficiencies and increased costs.

Consider an Operational Best Practices Assessment

Shaw’s Best Practices Assessment is developed from many years of experience working with some of the largest and most innovative financial institutions. It is an evaluation of your lending operations designed to ensure you maximize your investment in your Shaw application. Our experts will understand the goals of your operations team and consider those goals in their assessment and recommendations. We’ll identify reporting and workflow gaps, operational redundancies, manual processes, and other areas where your Shaw application can help you improve business and IT productivity and customer experience.

Incorporated in our Best Practices Assessment are the following:

  • Analyze existing operational procedures and compare them to industry best practices.
  • Identify manual processes that could be supported by existing Shaw functionality.
  • Identify unused Shaw functionality that can provide positive business and IT impacts.
  • Review current configuration, workflows, queues, etc. and compare best practices and offer improvements where applicable.
  • Identify and document any needed interfaces to streamline operations. Engage your operations unit to observe your team in action, discuss operational difficulties, and determine best practices solutions.

  • Best of all, the operational assessment can typically be completed with a budget-friendly, two-to-three-day onsite visit.

    The product of such an engagement will include documented recommendations to advance your organization's expertise and utilization of Spectrum.

    Let Shaw subject matter experts help you get the most from your software!

    If you're interested in learning more about an Operational Best Practices Assessment, contact Raleigh deShazo.