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Tip of the Month: Shaw’s Quarterly Business Reviews Provide Value

Helpful Tips

Shaw provides value through our quarterly executive business reviews. These reviews give a significant level of transparency and detail to our clients on an ongoing basis. We cover things like:

  • Shaw organizational updates
  • Milestones and projects
  • Enterprise operations
  • Information security
  • Overviews of spectrum hosting
  • Dedicated development

  • Our Quarterly Business Reviews aim to ensure that we are aligned with our clients' current initiatives. Those initiatives might include performing an upgrade, assessing configuration impact on the business, or offering new financial products to the marketplace. We aim to provide a complete overview of the progress we’ve made over the last quarter towards our clients’ goals.

    Our clients find Quarterly Business Reviews valuable because they represent a timely milestone to evaluate and consider their strategic direction and Shaw’s support of that direction. The reviews also provide a platform to discuss new ideas, ask important questions of Shaw, and consider the application’s near-term roadmap in their planning. Shaw clients also appreciate the opportunity to see how Shaw monitors and executes projects related to their business.

    We support our clients and show them what we are doing well, what our challenges are, and what we are doing about those challenges.

    Our organizational updates inform clients about things like staff expertise, experience, and location. We review the client’s loan volume, comparing active volume to historical data. We summarize each project, including the actions taken, completion dates, and benefits. Our quarterly enterprise operations report includes updates from our CloudOps team regarding things like Spectrum changes, testing, monitoring/alerting, and issue resolution.

    Our Security Operations Center supplies information about various incident response reports. We also share the information security roadmap. Our analysis goes into detail and shows a timeline of Spectrum hosting performance. Our dedicated development updates include the progress made and the future roadmap ahead. We always close out our quarterly business reviews with a question-and-answer session for any further questions or discussion.

    Shaw aims to provide the most value possible to our clients every time we update them during a quarterly executive business review. We strive to ensure our clients are well-informed and supported to the highest possible standards.

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