Employee Spotlight: Hema Subramanyam

Employee SpotlightEmployee Spotlight: Hema Subramanyam, Lead Software Developer, RETAIL

Education: Hema Subramanyam graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Chennai, India.

Resume: Before joining Shaw, Hema began her career as a consultant working for Household Finance Bank, in Chicago. She has also worked at EDS/SIGNET on the student loans system, and at McKesson Corporation on the accounts payable system. Each of these jobs presented different challenges and different work cultures which in turn equipped her with an immense amount of experience and exposure to the IT world. 

Job Description: Hema joined Shaw in October of 2004 and she is currently a Lead Developer for the RETAIL team. She is constantly challenged by the evolving nature of the RETAIL product. Our RETAIL product started out as a vanilla COBOL system. The product now interfaces with client-server technology and databases. Adapting to the evolution of the product and producing results has been wonderful and definitely challenging in her job. 

Rave Review: “Hema’s positive attitude and infectious laugh lighten up every area of the company she is involved in. As a talented Lead Software Developer on Retail, Hema reaches in and masters all areas of the system from functional and web development to database and SSIS integration. Hema’s focused and driven approach to her career makes every project and challenge she takes on a win-win for Shaw, the client and for herself. I am grateful Hema has chosen Shaw Systems as her career choice.” Says Courtney Moses, Vice President and Product Manager of RETAIL.

Family and Interests: Hema enjoys traveling, volunteering, reading, scrabble and theatre.

Perspective: Hema says: “I’ve always enjoyed the fact that at Shaw, the sky and beyond is the limit and KAIZEN is the way of work. I get the opportunity to strive towards it every day, encouraged by a very nurturing environment and great set of team players, so it is very easy to “lean in” and aim for the skies or rather the clouds!”