Employee Spotlight: Hickman Beckner, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Employee Spotlight: Hickman Beckner, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Education: Hickman graduated from East Carolina University in 1975 with a degree in Account and Operations and Systems. He started working for The York Bank in York, PA as a programmer working on the consumer loan and commercial loan systems. Shaw was implementing their Commercial system for The York Bank and gained a contract to develop the Retail System. He returned to East Carolina University to work on automating the business office of the university.

Resume and Job Description: After two years at East Carolina, Shaw Systems contacted Hickman with an opportunity to work on the Retail Loan system development. He came to Shaw Systems in 1987 and has been here since.

His career in sales started by default. His boss at the time – Mary Kathryn Horner told him “If we are going to grow this system (RETAIL) then we have to sell. I’m not going to sell so you will have to do it.” He has been selling Retail and Commercial since then.

He has worked in a variety of positions including developer, implementation, and training. Now he’s the Senior Vice President with responsibility for marketing, sales, and compliance and contracts.

Rave Review: Chris Shaw said: “Hick has been an integral part of Shaw Systems for thirty-eight years now and has worn as many hats as anyone in the organization’s history.  With this wealth of experience, he has helped us achieve many of our goals over the years and improved every area he’s touched.  Whether it be dealing with the detailed nuances of compliance and contracts, the ever-changing dynamics of leading a sales and marketing team or being the de facto historian for Retail and Commercial products, he has always approached these roles with incredible pride and perfection.”

Family and Interests: Hickman has a wife named Betsy and two siblings –a  sister in Ft. Myers, FL and a brother in Atlanta, GA. He also has a cousin that works for one of our customers – BB&T.  He was in one building in Wilson, NC interviewing for a job and Hickman was in another building presenting the Retail system. He got the job and Shaw Systems got the sale. Today his cousin is president of BB&T in Charlotte, NC and Hickman is still with Shaw.

Hickman enjoys playing golf and woodworking.

Perspective: Hickman says: “There is always a new challenge at Shaw Systems. This is an entrepreneurial company so if you want to contribute there is always a place for you to make a difference. The company has grown from 12 employees when I was hired to over 100 today. Shaw still keeps a close atmosphere among the employees.”