Employee Spotlight: Nick Tsengas

Employee Spotlight: Nick Tsengas, Senior Software Developer, SPECTRUM

Employee Spotlight: Nick TsengasEducation: Nick graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University in 1992 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He worked at Reynolds Metals as Conveying System Controls engineer for 5 years. He wrote code and schematics to control conveying between production equipment. Nick also worked at Klockner Pentaplast as a process engineer developing screens to monitor and capture production configuration of production equipment. He also has experience working for Manufacturer’s Service as a Production Systems Administrator maintaining the integrity of the software and hardware used on various production lines. He developed a Visual Basic application to display production information.

Resume and Job Description: Nick joined Shaw in February of 2002. He is currently a Senior Software Developer on the SPECTRUM Architecture team. Nick is responsible for maintaining the SPECTRUM web layer and core framework code. Some of the projects he’s working on include converting End of Day from using EJB to using RESTful Services, developing security for Spectrum RESTful Services, development of SPECTRUM Workflow, and the redesign of SPECTRUM’s One Time Payment process.

Rave Review: Nick’s manager Jeff Schultz says: “Nick is one of the original developers and now architect of the SPECTRUM Web Team. He has been integral in designing and implementing many of the complex components of the SPECTRUM User Interface, and is often the go-to resource for Variable Screen construction, Workflow, Workspace, and Security. The SPECTRUM User Interface improves with every release of SPECTRUM in large part because Nick pushes to improve its usability and its overall appearance for our clients.  Nick adds tremendous value as a developer and as part of the SPECTRUM family. On a personal level, he always speaks highly of his family, his friends, and his co-workers and has been a pleasure to work with.”

Family and Interests: Nick is married and has three kids. His wife’s name is Kate and his kids’ names are Irene, John, and Alexa. He enjoys spending quality time with his family and reading technical sites, blogs, and books to stay on top of the latest programming developments and trends. He also enjoys spending time with his kids and he finds doing activities with them is very rewarding.

Perspective: Nick says: “Working for Shaw has been a rewarding experience. My current position continues to challenge me and push me to continue to grow as a developer. The SPECTRUM development team is full of driven individuals constantly striving to improve SPECTRUM. I feel like my coworkers are like one big family as we work well together and do activities from time to time outside of work.”