Employee Spotlight: Ted Lloyd, Business Systems Specialist

Employee Spotlight: Ted LloydResume and Job Description: Ted joined Shaw Systems in May of 2016 as a Business Systems Specialist.  Before that, he spent eight years managing the SPECTRUM RECOVERY system for six banks included under Zions’s Bancorp.

Rave Review: Ted’s manager Ryan Gray says: “Ted exceeds expectations in the role of Business Systems Specialist.  He has been integral to the success of our SPECTRUM new client implementation projects, as well as training our clients on how to use our products. Ted is also an innovator. He often makes suggestions for improving processes and procedures. This has been a big lift and a benefit for others to leverage within the company.”

Family and Interests: Ted loves the outdoors, hiking, skiing, and biking.  He enjoys family events, travel, and reading/listening to a book every week.

Ted has been married for over 30 years now. His wife’s name is Julie. They have four children, the youngest of which is still in college.

Perspective: Ted says: “I love working at Shaw with all the great people that work here. We really have great employees that really take their jobs seriously and will take time to help each other out. I enjoy working with our clients and helping to solve their business process problems. I believe that Shaw Systems has great products and a very bright future as we all pull together in the same direction and with the same strategic vision.”