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Shaw Announces Spectrum Integration with Recovery Database Network (RDN)

Shaw Announces Spectrum Integration with Recovery Database Network (RDN)

Shaw Systems Associates, LLC is pleased to announce the completion of a full integration between Spectrum and the industry’s leading repossession software, Recovery Database Network (RDN). This new, real-time integration between Spectrum and RDN will allow lenders to fully automate repossession assignments, manage repossessions within Spectrum, and reduce wrongful repossessions to near zero. The RDN integration with Spectrum is compatible with v8.2.2.

Key benefits:

1. Minimize operational resources needed to manage the repossession lifecycle
2. Reduce wrongful repossessions to near zero
3. Streamline repossession processes and optimize repossession strategies

Key features:

1. Real-time status changes between RDN and Spectrum
2. Fully automated repossession assignments
3. Manage repossessions within Shaw Spectrum
4. Real-time communication between collectors and repo agents directly from Spectrum

About RDN

Serving Repossessors since 2002, RDN is the repossession industry’s most reliable and most trusted repossession software. RDN helps repossession companies and agents manage their accounts by providing a secure, encrypted software platform to track repossession orders. Over 600+ national lenders, and 2,500+ service providers, use RDN to assign cases.

For more information or a demo of this integration, contact Raleigh deShazo, VP Alliance Partnerships,, or your Strategic Account Manager.