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Shaw Systems Associates Utilizes RabbitMQ to Enhance Our Enterprise Solutions

Shaw Systems Associates Utilizes RabbitMQ to Enhance Our Enterprise Solutions

RabbitMQ plays a pivotal role in our Spectrum application. It enables real-time monitoring of system events, ensuring seamless information flow across our clients' enterprise. This functionality is crucial for synchronizing data and responding promptly to key business events. Spectrum offers a broad range of subscribeable events, including address updates, payment transactions, bankruptcy filings, vehicle repossessions, loan extensions, and due date modifications. We ensure that nearly all significant business activities within Spectrum are accessible, with the message content being fully customizable. This allows clients to tailor their subscriptions to their specific needs, ensuring they receive relevant data efficiently. Spectrum employs RabbitMQ for integration scaling and facilitates communication with various third-party services, including automated repossession systems. 

For our Classic Collections application, RabbitMQ is instrumental in distributed processing and enhancing scalability. It queues events for processing, which are then handled by multiple servicing nodes. This architecture enables our application to scale horizontally, effectively accommodating growing processing demands.

To explore more about RabbitMQ's functionalities, please visit RabbitMQ Features.

To ensure our customers receive unparalleled RabbitMQ support, Shaw Systems has partnered with AceMQ, a leader in this field. You can learn more about them at AceMQ.

Our collaboration with AceMQ includes a comprehensive support package featuring monthly training, consulting, and other planned activities. It also ensures around-the-clock emergency support, available 24x7x365. While Shaw Systems provides foundational Level 1 support, training, and consultation for RabbitMQ, our team is bolstered by AceMQ's expertise. This partnership offers our clients peace of mind, knowing they have access to top-tier RabbitMQ support, especially if RabbitMQ is not part of their internally supported technical stack.

For any queries or requirements related to RabbitMQ training, implementation, support, or other services, please contact your Strategic Account Manager to arrange a detailed discussion. If you'd like to learn more about our loan servicing software or how we can help you, email us at