Seven Questions With Chris Metaxas, Chief Executive Officer, DRN Data

Seven Questions With Chris Metaxas, Chief Executive Officer, DRN Data

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top article Chris has been building businesses, creating new markets, and leading organizations for more than twenty years. Prior to joining DRN, Chris was a Senior Vice President at LexisNexis, leading a $100 million business in the data and analytics market. While there, he created and executed the strategy for new lines of business in the identity, fraud, and revenue recovery market. Before that, Chris served as President and CEO of MetaPartners LLC, where he built an $80 million B2B mobility ecosystem for Westcon Group by leveraging software applications to drive wireless and mobile infrastructures. Chris also was one of the founders of Con Edison Communications, a Metro Optical Communications company where he was responsible for all sales and marketing efforts, real estate acquisition and their investment strategy.

wow hookup dating apps major with free chat room itunes At Con Edison communications, Chris drove first-year revenues to $48 million, acquired real estate access rights to 350 prime New York properties and engaged investment bankers to invest in three telecommunications companies. Chris serves on the boards of Jungle Torch, a search engine optimization company and Mail Security, a mail automation and security company. A lifelong resident of New York, he graduated from New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

What’s your #1 business priority for 2015-2016?

free online dating sites in malta To help lenders utilize DRNs Data Insights to reduce risk by collecting more, and connecting with customers and recovering assets.

The leading characteristic of a financial services organization?

  • Not progressive
  • Expense versus ROI focused
  • Technology constrained
  • Does not use data as a strategic tool
  • Competitively disadvantaged

Your top piece of advice for future financial services executives?

Shift your management approach from an expense and budget orientation to a return and results orientation. Use data and technology to drive these outcomes.

When you were 20, what did you envision for your career?

In the computer/ technology industry; in sales.

The most unusual job you’ve ever had?

Playing bass professionally.

Your favorite book or movie?

The Fifth Element.

Favorite quote or motto?

Make sure you invest in those things that enrich you as a person.