Shaw Systems Partners with Walletron to Deliver Mobile Billing and Payment Solutions

Walletron, a leader in innovative technology solutions for mobile wallet billing, payment and loyalty programs, recently became an alliance partner of Shaw Systems Associates Inc., a top loan servicing software firm. Walletron’s integration into Shaw Systems will make it faster and easier for Shaw’s consumer and commercial finance software clients to engage their customers through their smartphones for billing, payments, loan/lease servicing, and more.

“This partnership provides tremendous value for managing and customizing recurring customer engagement through their mobile devices,” said Stephen Brannon, Senior Vice President, Shaw Systems. “With Walletron’s digital delivery, our customers can simplify and accelerate their financial communications to their customers, improving cash flow, customer service, and compliance – all at a lower cost of servicing.”

The return on investment is substantial for mobile wallet billing and payment. Using Walletron moBills® integrated wallet delivery, clients improved cash flow, reduced paper billing, and reduced inbound call center volume. Walletron sends automated notifications to “light up” consumers phones resulting in 40% of users tapping “Pay My Bill” within 36 hours of receiving the reminders. Early bucket delinquency may also decline, saving outbound dialing and late notice paper costs.

“We are delighted to team up with Shaw Systems, a longtime leader in loan and lease servicing software,” said Garrett Baird, founder and CEO of Walletron. “With more companies prioritizing customer engagement, Shaw Systems is giving its clients key features through Walletron that will better engage customers via digital communications while streamlining their billing and payment operations.”

About Walletron

Walletron, Inc. delivers a SaaS platform that automates brands’ presence in mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Our platform manages the real-time content of digital cards consumers place in their wallets. Expanding the platform designed and used globally for mobile wallet loyalty, Walletron now also serves billers through the world’s only bill-to-wallet patented solution, moBills®. Walletron sends branded notifications that light up consumers’ devices with tailored messaging, without ever downloading an app. Walletron moBills® lets consumers pay bills in just two taps – and billers are able to communicate with their customers instantly in a secure, trusted and engaging way. To learn more about Walletron, visit