May 24, 2017

Delinquency Management

Our full-featured collections product accommodates every phase of an account’s life cycle for customer service, collections and recovery.  Shaw manages multiple product types including loans and lines including collateral, insurance and add-on products. Our product allows our clients to manage complex risk management strategies and business processes.

Our clients are able to provide the highest level of customer service, track disputes and manage the entire distressed debt lifecycle. Our solution enables the targeting of dollars at risk, and identifying trends all while maintaining the customer relationship.

Key Features

  • Collection strategy consulting
  • Support for in-house and third-party behavioral analytics
  • Workflow automation tools for managing:
    • Bankruptcy, repossession, legal proceedings, skip tracing, fraud, etc.
  • Role-based screens, queues, and activities
  • Automated document management
  • Payment arrangement administration
  • Payment integration tools (ACH and third-party vendors)
  • Real-time pop-up notification agent with script
  • Predictive and analytic auto dialer integration
  • Agency management and performance
  • Sophisticated reporting workbench