January 16, 2015

RETAIL Card Access

Retail Card Access

A Personal line of credit loan can be either a “card” loan or a “nonĀ­card ” loan. If a loan is classified as “card,” the retail card access system will automatically generate requests for card issue/reissue on a specified date and frequency.

The system tracks the following information for card processing:

  • Card last issued date
  • Card next reissue date
  • Card reissue frequency
  • Card emboss name (for each card)
  • Personal identification number (for each card)

The system can track up to ten card names and Personal Identification Numbers for each “card” loan.

The system automatically generates a card request when the following events occur:

  • A new loan is set up as a “card” PLC loan
  • An existing “nonĀ­card” loan is maintained by the user to a “card” loan
  • The next reissue date is no longer in the future

The user can also create a manual request for a card.

An existing card can be easily cancelled by the user by entering 1 maintenance transaction.

The following reports are generated specifically for card processing:

  • Card issue/reissue activity
  • Card reissue forecast
  • Expired card monetary activity