Weekly Coffee Break: Roundup of Industry News

Weekly Roundup of Industry News

Every week, we’ll share a roundup of industry news and links that have informed, entertained, and inspired us.

Here’s our weekly roundup of industry news:

5 quick ways to save on your Super Bowl party – The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots take the field this Sunday in Super Bowl 51. You may be planning on hosting a get together for the big event, but before you drop too much dough on beverages and snacks, consider these five ways to save. Just because Atlanta and New England will fight on the field doesn’t mean you have to do battle with your budget.

Cryptocurrencies Look Toward a Cashless World for Mass Adoption – Blockchain is here to stay, in some capacity or another, but what’s less clear is the fate of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, ether, Zcash, and like coins could fade into oblivion — or be the mainstream method of transaction in a future where the only physical bills remaining are behind museum glass.

Life lessons from “Groundhog Day” – It’s Groundhog Day, the day we learn how much more winter we have to endure.

In the 1993 Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day, Murray’s character Phil is stuck in a loop, doomed to repeat February 2nd over and over again until he learns that life is about more than him. Here are a few more life lessons from the film to warm you through the bleakest month of the year.

4 things leaders should do differently in 2017 – For your team, it’s great to have a big picture vision at the end of the road, but make sure you don’t lose sight of the small milestones that help you get there. Celebrate not only big wins but the smaller ones as well. Without these victories, you’ll never get to the end of the road.

Interacting with banking robots may be closer than you think – Most of us have seen the movies where robots are featured in customer service roles in futuristic cities.  Their metallic dispositions are often greeted with glibness from the rugged main characters.  I’m looking at you Han Solo.  The thought of these fantastical interactions may only seem possible in the movies.  However, the practical applications of real talking robots in the branch may be much closer than you think.

The future of technology for your credit union – Technology and banking have definitely grown together over the years, strengthening finance and helping members on multiple fronts. It’s almost so integral into banking that most people forget there was a time without it. A time when checks had to be cashed at a physical location… Or when paying back a friend for dinner meant writing a personal check.