January 16, 2015

Wholesale Dealer Floor Plan Finance Software

Wholesale Dealer Floor Plan Finance Software

Shaw Systems offers a comprehensive wholesale dealer floor plan finance software including a self-service DEALER PORTAL and an equipment floor plan. We offer a state-of-the-art approach to managing your dealer financial relationships, providing value to your dealers and tracking all collateral.

Our software gives you workflow automation tools for managing the entire dealer, line of credit, and unit life-cycle. You’ll get real-time and nightly queue assignments for account management and service, support for both dealer and mega-dealer relationships, and integration with vehicle audits. Full delinquency management capabilities are available, including tracking collections and recoveries.


Our DEALER PORTAL has vehicle add and payoff features, inventory reporting with export capabilities, on demand dealer unit reports, and a line of credit and cash management account summary. It comes with a 360 degree view of dealer relationships and is adaptable to your processes.

Equipment Floor Plan

Our Equipment Floor Plan software uses expands the flexibility of dealer floor plan to meet the unique needs of equipment wholesale financing.  Interest, fees, curtailments and billing can be configured to each dealer’s needs and inventory.  It comes with the same intuitive browser-based interface, customizable screens, dealer portal and flexibility to make tracking equipment effortless.